Michael Jimenez

Esquire | Senior Counsel

As an Illinois traffic defense lawyer since 2006, Michael has helped thousands of clients resolve their driver’s license suspensions and revocations by providing knowledgeable, thoughtful, and experienced legal representation.

Whether you have a single DUI conviction, or multiple alcohol related driving arrests, or if you are an undocumented individual facing the cancellation, suspension, or revocation of their Temporary Visitor Driver’s License (TVDL) because you have committed fraud on your application for driving privileges, either by using false information or information belonging to another person, Michael and his teammates at Consumer Law Group will get you back on the road driving legally with our unrivaled driver’s license reinstatement support.

If your driving privileges have been revoked because of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, Michael will fight for the reinstatement of your driving privileges or through a restricted driving permit, if necessary. After reviewing your driving record, we can discuss all available options available to you to restore your driving privileges as soon as possible. If an alcohol and drug evaluation is needed for your hearing, you will be referred to one of our preferred evaluators and will work with you and your evaluator to ensure that all of the evaluation and treatment documents and forms have been properly prepared and are in good order. Once your hearing documents have been approved, Michael will provide you with an individualized study guide or “cheat sheet” for you to use to prepare for your hearing. You will be provided with all of the necessary information to win your hearing. In addition, we will have a preparation appointment to make sure that you are fully ready to appear in front of the Secretary of State.

If your driving privileges have been canceled, suspended or revoked as a result of fraud, Michael will guide you through the complex process of clearing the fraud from your driving record and put you back in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State. We understand that the prospect of a Secretary of State Police investigation can be terrifying one, especially for those individuals without legal status in this country or for those applying for immigration relief at the time the fraud is detected by the Secretary of State. As such, we will fully explain the process behind your case each step of the way to make certain you understand exactly what happens next. Since every individual case has a unique set of facts and circumstances, Attorney Jimenez provides a skilled fraud investigation representation by fully examining each and every case to develop the most effective strategy toward a positive result.

Contacting Michael Jimenez and the attorneys at Consumer Law Group will put you in the best position to resolve your driver’s license issues and move forward with your life.