Consumer Law Group, LLC’s (“CLG”) Labor and Employment Division is committed to protecting employees from employer wage theft as well as other illegal discriminatory employment practices. We employ a diverse team of bilingual (Spanish/English) employment lawyers in Chicago that also practice immigration law, criminal defense, bankruptcy law, family law, and personal injury law. Skilled employment lawyers in Chicago have years of experience in settling labor law disputes. If you believe your employer is infringing upon your rights, let us help.


Our experienced and diverse legal team can pool and share their knowledge to assist clients and tackle complex legal issues that may arise. CLG’s team of labor lawyers in Chicago all strive to be the best in the pursuit of justice and represent our clients with pride. Due to our unyielding dedication, CLG has helped clients recover millions of dollars in unpaid wages. CLG strives to defend those who cannot or do not know how to defend themselves against their employer out of fear of retaliation. Our team of labor law attorneys helps employees recover unpaid overtime wages, minimum wages, tips, as well as earned and unpaid vacation pay from employers. Additionally, CLG represents employees who were the victims of sexual harassment and discrimination.


Many of our clients don’t realize their rights have been violated. Common scenarios include:

Tipped Employees

An employment attorney in the Chicago area can help you recover unpaid wages. If you work in a restaurant as a tipped employee and your employer takes a tip credit against your wages, you may be entitled to recover damages if:
  • You do not receive proper notice of the tip credit
  • You are forced to share your tips with your employer or a manager
  • You are forced to share your tips with non-tipped employees (cooks, dishwashers, etc.)
  • You are forced to share too much of your tips with other tipped employees
  • Your employer deducts more than 40% of the minimum wage rate as a tip credit
  • Your employer calculates your overtime wage rate incorrectly:
    • Wrong: Minimum wage (($8.25) – tip credit ($3.30)) x 1.5 = $7.23 overtime wage rate.
    • Right: Minimum wage (($8.25) x 1.5) – tip credit ($3.30) = $9.08 overtime wage rate.

Unpaid Vacation

If your employer maintains a paid vacation policy, you are entitled to your earned and accrued vacation pay when you leave your job—whether you leave voluntarily or not. If you earned and accrued vacation pay, but your employer did not pay you your earned and accrued vacation pay when you left your employment, you may be entitled to recover unpaid wages. Our Chicago-based employment lawyers can help you navigate these proceedings and help you secure the compensation you’re owed.

Minimum Wages

Non-exempt employees working in the state of Illinois must be paid at least $8.25 per hour, or $10.00 per hour in the City of Chicago (as of March 2014). Sometimes employers will improperly pay non-exempt employees on a piece rate basis or a salary basis below the minimum wage rate. Sometimes an employer will pay a non-exempt employee an hourly rate below the minimum wage rate. If you believe this is true of your case, a labor attorney in Chicago can help you recover these unpaid wages.

Overtime Wages

Non-exempt employees must be paid overtime wages for all hours worked over 40 per week. Some exceptions include (legitimate) supervisors, managers, professionals, and other job functions. Sometimes employers will misclassify an employee as exempt from overtime wages by pretending that an employee is an independent contractor. Sometimes employers will misclassify an employee as exempt in other ways. Often, employers improperly pay non-exempt employees on a salary basis for all hours worked each week, instead of paying overtime wages. If so, you may be entitled to recover unpaid wages—and our labor lawyers in Chicago can help.

Sexual Harassment

Employment lawyers in Chicago are devoted to protecting clients from harassment. Allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace should be taken seriously; these cases may include a range of offensive and inappropriate behavior, including physical, verbal, non-verbal, and visual harassment. You deserve to feel safe at your place of employment, and if you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment at work, let CLG employment lawyers in Chicago help you seek justice.


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