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A quartet of deadly roads

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2023 | Car Accidents

Illinois is a vast expanse that ranges from farmland to big cities. Highways dot the state, with some being safe but more being downright treacherous, if not terrifying.

Not all roads are made the same. Some see minimal accidents, while others experience countless catastrophic collisions.

A not so “super” experience

U.S. Highway 45 may be scenic and home to Superman in Metropolis, but don’t expect the “Man of Steel” to swoop down to slow down speeders and other types of reckless drivers. As one of the deadliest roads in Illinois, the more than 400-mile road averages approximately 11 fatalities per year and has topped the list of crashes in highway studies.

Famed for fatalities

Few roads are as famous as Route 66. The road is well known for having a television show bearing its name and being home to Dead Man’s Curve. A deadly feature that has since been changed is the infamous and quite surprising 90-degree turn seemingly out of nowhere that tests the most skilled of drivers, resulting in accidents that caused life-changing injuries and many fatalities. Now a backroad and not as well used, the remaining portion of “Bloody 66” was folded into Interstate 55.

A toxic nightmare

Any road nicknamed “The Acid Bridge” should be avoided at all costs. Located in Collinsville, it is another thoroughfare with a disturbing reputation. Also known as the Stevenson Expressway, starting in Chicago, the paved roads are famous for everything from violent shootouts to toxic spills. Countless fatal accidents have occurred.

A well-earned designation

Last but definitely not least, Bloods Point Road in Boone County has more than earned its name. It is well known for deadly dangers that some drivers find frightening, while others see the challenges on the road as enticing. Stretched out over five miles, the rural highway is named after the Blood family and features the Bloods Point Cemetery.