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I had a very difficult family case. I entrusted it to the lawyers, and they have been very responsible and attentive lawyers. They have helped me a lot. I am very satisfied. Today, I am here with them to help me with another case.

– Ever Calderon

I am grateful because I was very sad at the beginning of my case, but they have been very professional, and I have seen many benefits.

– Ever Calderon

I am very happy and very satisfied with the lawyers at Consumer Law Group because they are very efficient lawyers in handling paperwork and all kinds of problems. They helped me a lot personally with my paperwork, obtaining residency for me and citizenship for my husband, and for that reason, I am very grateful.

– Maria Medina

They have a very attentive staff that speaks your language, helps you, and explains things well. I recommend them; they helped me a lot and were with me until the end.

– Maria Medina

They have treated me very well; they are very kind. They have helped me a lot, and I am very grateful. I feel at home every time I go to their offices. Have confidence, have faith, and you will see that they solve all your problems.

– Guillermina M.

I am very grateful and satisfied with the service they provided me. The whole team has been attentive to my case and has kept me updated when necessary, so I recommend them. If you have an immigration case, contact them; they will help you in a good and willing manner.

– Juan Moran

A few years ago, I hired them for a labor lawsuit that they won. Now I have contacted them again for an immigration case. If you have an immigration case anywhere in the country, they can help you.

– Lucas Aranda

I have been a client of CLG for many years, and I have brought many cases to them. If you need an immigration lawyer, no matter where you are, contact them.

– Jennifer Alanis

I highly recommend them; they can assist you anywhere in the country. They have helped me very well; they are very reliable and kind. I recommend them; they are very good lawyers. They help you with whatever you need.

– Alfredo Zurita Martinez