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U.S. Deportation Defense Lawyers For Removal And Detainment

At Consumer Law Group, our deportation lawyers are here to provide the representation you need to build a strong defense strategy against deportation. For any immigrant, the fear of deportation can be unbelievably stressful. After you’ve moved to the U.S., whether to be with family or to work, deportation can dramatically alter your life.

Our experienced deportation lawyers can help you curate a strong defense strategy based on current laws, immigration statutes and public policies. With them by your side, you can benefit from:

  • Bilingual representation: We have a knowledgeable team of bilingual deportation attorneys fluent in both English and Spanish so that you can communicate in a language that’s most comfortable for you.
  • Knowledgeable team: Our deportation lawyers have years of immigration law experience and can help you devise a strategy for the best possible outcome.
  • Dedicated attorneys: Our removal defense lawyers’ main priority is to help you get the outcome you deserve. They will work with your best interests in mind in order for your needs to be met.
  • Nationwide service: At our immigration law firm, we serve clients across the nation.

We Provide Experienced And Aggressive Deportation Defense

Immigration law can be hard to understand and complicated. With a Consumer Law Group deportation attorney working by your side, they can help you fight your deportation by providing you with the information and resources you need to win your case. We can assist with the following matters related to deportation:

  • Deportation defense
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility
  • Asylum
  • Withholding of Removal
  • Convention Against Torture
  • Bond hearings
  • Cancellation of Removal
  • Asylum and Withholding Without Removal

What does a deportation attorney do?

Deportation law can be confusing, especially since it’s always changing. A deportation attorney can help determine whether the charges against you, set by the Department of Homeland Security, are accurate and warrant your deportation. At Consumer Law Group, our deportation lawyers have extensive knowledge of removal laws. We understand that immigrants facing deportation might feel as if no one’s by their side. Our team will be with you every step of the way and offer premier legal counseling to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome at your deportation hearing.

Who can be deported?

Deportation in the United States is the process of removing a foreign national from U.S. soil after they were found violating immigration law. Foreign nationals can be deported on the following grounds:

Although you may be willing to work together, you may not fully understand what should be covered by child support and just how much is a fair compromise. To ensure your child’s needs are met, it’s highly recommended that you have a lawyer assist you with your child support agreement.

  • They were found participating in criminal acts.
  • They violated their visa.
  • They are a threat to public safety.
  • They came to the U.S. without travel documents or forged travel documents.

What’s the difference between deportation and removal?

There is no difference between deportation and removal. Immigration laws are constantly changing. In 1993, removal proceedings were referred to as deportation and exclusions. However, in 1997, the new deportation law renamed deportation to removal.

How do you know if you need a deportation attorney?

You’re not required by law to have a deportation attorney by your side during your deportation hearing. However, having one can only help your case. Immigration law can be extremely complex, especially when laws are constantly changing. At Consumer Law Group, our deportation lawyers are well versed in immigration law and can help you navigate this scary and overwhelming situation.

One instance in which you might benefit from a deportation attorney is if you are convicted of a crime. This is one of the grounds for deportation, and if you receive a notice to appear in immigration court with a troubled criminal history, fighting removal proceedings alone can be a challenge. Let one of our skilled deportation lawyers represent you so that you will have the best chance at a favorable outcome.

What are the reasons for deportation?

There are a few reasons for deportation. However, one of the most prominent reasons is criminal activity. If you’re a foreign national convicted of a crime involving drugs, firearms, illegal alien smuggling, violence, human trafficking or other severe offenses, the chances of being deported can be pretty high.

In addition to committing crimes, other reasons for deportation include:

  • Failing to abide by the terms of your visa
  • Failing to submit immediate changes to your address
  • Receiving public assistance
  • Violating immigration law

How much does a deportation attorney cost?

The cost of a deportation attorney varies on a case-by-case basis. This is because there are several factors that affect the price of hiring a deportation lawyer. Some factors include:

  • Experience: Generally, the more experienced the lawyer, the higher the cost. However, this comes with the peace of mind that they’ll have the best resources to help defend your case.
  • Hours: Most deportation attorneys charge by the hour, and, depending on the complexity of your case, it may take quite some time to reach a solution.
  • Location: The area in which you live also influences the price of a deportation attorney. Typically speaking, lawyers in major cities with high operational costs might charge more in order to cover their expenses.

At Consumer Law Group, our lawyers’ main objective is providing you with the experience and legal prowess that you need to win your case at an affordable cost. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and how our team can assist you in your deportation case.

How do you find a good deportation defense lawyer?

Not every deportation defense lawyer is one and the same. To find a good one, it’s always best to start by doing your research. Before you commit to a deportation attorney, take time to learn about their history, the cases they’ve represented, their years of experience and online testimonials and reviews.

Our lawyers are experienced in all areas of immigration law. They can help with not only deportation cases but other immigration-related cases as well, such as those that involve applying for naturalization or renewing a visa. At Consumer Law Group, we believe in transparency. All you have to do is check out our testimonials to see how our team has helped our clients over the past decade.

When should you hire a deportation attorney?

Deportation can have devastating effects on the life you built in the U.S. The moment you learn about the possibility of deportation, it’s best to reach out to a deportation attorney. The earlier you act, the better chance you have of remediating the situation and preventing being deported. A skilled attorney from Consumer Law Group has the experience and knowledge to provide aggressive representation. Other instances in which you might need to hire a deportation attorney include:

  • You committed a crime and are being held in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center.
  • You overstayed the permitted time on your visa.
  • You became employed while on a tourist visa.
  • You committed marriage fraud to gain residency.
  • Your child passes away before the age of 18.

No matter what situation you’re in, our deportation lawyers will work on your behalf to build a strong defense to help win your case.

What happens during deportation hearings?

During a deportation hearing, there will be an immigration judge and a lawyer who represents the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). At the beginning of the hearing, the judge will put you under oath, ask for your name and the language you’re most comfortable speaking in, and allow you to have time to find a lawyer if you do not have one representing your case.

The judge will then ask you to enter the pleadings listed on your Notice to Appear, at which time you will confirm whether the charges and information on the notice are true or false. You will then have to admit or deny that you violated immigration laws. If you are found by the court to have broken any immigration laws, you will be ordered to be deported (removed) and will have the opportunity to apply for relief from removal.

What is the process for deportation?

The deportation process can be long and arduous. Below are the typical steps you’ll follow throughout the process for deportation:

  • You will receive a Notice to Appear that informs you that you have to attend a deportation hearing.
  • You might be held in an ICE detention facility while awaiting your trial or deportation.
  • You will attend your deportation hearing at immigration court, where a judge will hear your case.
  • If the judge rules that your deportation will proceed, then the receiving country (the country you’re being deported to) must agree to accept you and provide you with travel documents before ICE carries out your removal order.
  • The U.S. government will remove you through air or via a combination of air and ground travel at its expense.

If you are facing deportation, you have the option to leave the U.S. on your own terms, which is known as a voluntary departure. You also have the opportunity to appeal deportation rulings, which is where an experienced deportation lawyer can help.

If you’re deported, when can you come back to the U.S.?

Gaining reentry to the United States after being deported varies depending on the circumstances of your case. However, you can expect to wait anywhere between five, 10 and 20 years before you’re allowed to return to the U.S. In extreme cases, you may be banned permanently. In other situations, you might be granted a waiver of inadmissibility or permission to reapply to live in the U.S.

Can you be deported if you’re married to a U.S. citizen?

Yes, you can be deported if you are married to a U.S. citizen. In most cases, if you committed marriage fraud, where you married a U.S. citizen just to gain residency, then you can be deported. However, if you’re in a committed marriage, then you can delay and even stop your deportation by obtaining a green card based on marriage. If you entered the U.S. illegally, though, you might still be deported, at which time you will have to leave the country and obtain an immigrant visa to return.

Can you be deported if you have a child born in the U.S.?

Unfortunately, yes, you can be deported if you have a child born in the U.S. This is because children born in the U.S. are automatically granted U.S. citizenship, but immigrant parent citizenship status is different. If you’re a parent who overstayed a visa, entered illegally, committed a crime or broke immigration law, then you can still be deported even if you have a child born in the U.S.

Are You Facing Deportation? We Can Defend Your Rights And Help You Stay In The U.S.

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