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Providing A Safe Haven For Human Trafficking Victims With A T Visa

While you can complete a T visa application on your own, working with an experienced immigration attorney can make a massive difference in the outcome of your petition. At Consumer Law Group, our lawyers have successfully helped immigrants nationwide apply for and obtain a T visa.

With over 30 decades of combined experience, we can help you complete and submit your application, ensuring that no mistakes could derail your petition. With offices in Chicago, Berwyn, Aurora and Wheeling, we help clients nationwide through virtual consultations and paperless online forms. Our team includes both English and Spanish-speaking lawyers to help you best.

What Is The T Visa?

The T visa is for victims of human trafficking and smuggling. The visa will allow you to remain in the United States to assist with criminal investigations relating to human trafficking. The T visa is only valid for four years, but you may apply for extensions.

Who Is Eligible For A T Visa?

To be eligible for a T visa, you must meet certain requirements, including:

  • You must have been a victim of human trafficking or smuggling.
  • You must be physically in the United States, American Samoa or at a port of entry.
  • You must comply with law enforcement agencies requests to assist with any criminal investigations or prosecution of human trafficking or you must qualify for a waiver.
  • You must meet United States admissibility requirements.
  • You would suffer extreme hardship if you left the United States.

Human trafficking or smuggling includes sex trafficking and labor trafficking. You must report your trafficking information to a state or federal law enforcement agency and continue to assist in the investigation when requested. However, if you are under 18 or suffering severe psychological and physical trauma, you may obtain a waiver for this requirement.

T Visa Benefits

When granted a T visa, you automatically qualify for a work permit, allowing you to obtain employment in the United States. You may also receive financial support from federal programs, including SNAP benefits, supplemental security income and public housing assistance.

T visas can also be a path to U.S. citizenship. After spending three years in the country, you can obtain legal permanent residence status.

Understanding The T Visa Process

If you meet the eligibility criteria for the T visa, you can start your application, including Form I-194, Form DS-160, evidence that you meet the requirements and a personal statement. Once U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has reviewed your application and made a decision, you will receive a notice about your approval or denial.

The Help You Need To Start A New Life In The United States

If you are a victim of human trafficking, you have options to seek safety in the United States. Contact us at Consumer Law Group as soon as possible to get started on your T visa petition as soon as possible. Our experienced attorneys can help you file a successful application so that you can look forward the future. Call us today at 312-766-7777 or complete our online contact form.