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U.S. Withholding Of Removal Attorneys: Helping You Seek Relief From Persecution And Deportation Through Withholding Of Removal

If returning to your home country presents a danger to your life and freedoms, you may be eligible to apply for withholding of removal in the United States. A withholding of removal allows you to stay in the U.S. and prevents the government from deporting you. While you can apply for withholding of removal on your own, working with an experienced immigration attorney is integral to your success.

Our attorneys at Consumer Law Group have over 30 decades of combined experience helping clients nationwide stay in the U.S. and avoid dangerous situations in their home countries. Our team includes attorneys who speak both English and Spanish and offer all consultations virtually for your convenience.

What Is Withholding Of Removal?

Withholding of removal protects refugees by helping them stay in the United States if returning to their home countries would be dangerous. To be eligible, you must prove that leaving the U.S. may threaten your life or freedom. You will not qualify for a green card when granted withholding of removal. However, you can legally live and work in the United States for an indefinite period of time.

How To Apply For Withholding Of Removal

In your petition, you must provide evidence that you are a refugee and would face dangerous consequences if forced to leave the U.S. Unlike with asylum, there is no deadline for applying for withholding of removal. You must complete Form I-589 and include all relevant information and required documents.

What Are The Differences Between Withholding Of Removal And Asylum?

Withholding of removal generally provides less protection and stability than asylum and requires a higher burden of proof. For example, when applying for withholding of removal, you must prove that there is a greater than 50% chance of a threat to your life and security if you must return to your home country.

Withholding of removal does not allow dependent family members to get immigration status. They would have to apply for withholding or status on their own. With asylum, your family members will also be granted asylum if eligible. Withholding of removal does not grant a pathway to citizenship like asylum does. The government can revoke the withholding of removal at any time.

Preserving Your Freedom

We can help you take the necessary steps to apply for withholding of removal so that you can remain in the United States. Don’t risk your future and freedom by approaching this process alone. We can help you succeed. Contact us today by calling 312-766-7777 or completing our online contact form to get in touch.