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How Do Different States Enforce Federal Immigration Laws?

Many of our clients find state and federal immigration laws confusing. Our U.S. immigration attorneys at Consumer Law Group understand that the steps to receive a visa or green card can be difficult when many states enact different pro-immigration and anti-immigration laws that often contradict or enforce federal laws.

Some state laws and enforcement policies can make it harder or easier for immigrants to seek out a better life. As you seek your citizenship, it can help to learn and understand the complexity of immigration laws in the states listed below.

California Immigration Laws

California is often called a “sanctuary state” because it provides many beneficial laws for immigrants. The California Values Act seeks to provide safe spaces for immigrants while deterring local law enforcement from fueling mass deportation and using resources to separate families and terrorize communities. Furthermore, immigrants can seek emergency health care services whether they are documented or not. California laws are not perfect, but they try to help those in need much like our immigration attorneys.

Texas Immigration Laws

Texas is known to enact harsher immigration laws that seek to remove immigrants from local communities. Texas’ local law enforcement has greater powers when it comes to identifying, arresting and removing noncitizens who have committed crimes. State authorities often work with federal authorities to enforce the deportation and removal of noncitizens seeking to cross the border. However, eligible immigrants do have employment and fair housing rights.

Illinois Immigration Laws

Illinois has some of the strongest laws designed to protect immigrants. The Trust Act greatly limits local law enforcement from enforcing deportation. This act seeks to foster healthy engagement between law enforcement and communities. The Voices Act helps immigrants who were victimized by violent crimes or human trafficking by providing protections in exchange for assisting law enforcement conduct an investigation.

Seek Help From Our Experienced Immigration Attorneys

With an immigration attorney from Consumer Law Group, you can get the help you need to start your new life in the United States. You can reach out to one of our immigration attorneys at 312-766-7777, or fill out an online form to schedule a consultation.