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Chicago Drug Crimes Attorneys Working Hard To Protect Your Future

Drug charges are among the most common criminal charges prosecutors pursue in Illinois. From possession to manufacturing and selling charges, a drug crime conviction can alter the rest of your life. If you face drug charges in Illinois, you need aggressive legal representation who knows how to defend you.

At Consumer Law Group, our Chicago-based attorneys have years of experience helping clients throughout Illinois avoid damaging drug crime convictions. We are passionate about upholding your rights and protecting your future. Using a hands-on approach, we utilize numerous strategies to best help you.

How Are Controlled Substances Classified In Illinois?

The Illinois Controlled Substances Act classifies illegal drugs based on the risk of dependency and if the drug has beneficial medical uses. The classifications help determine the applicable charges and penalties for possessing and selling these drugs. For example, Schedule I drugs, which include opiates and hallucinogenic substances, have the highest potential for dependency and no valid medical use.

What Are The Common Types Of Drug Charges In Illinois?

Illinois takes drug crimes seriously. Not all drugs are treated equally under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act, and each charge carries serious penalties that differ based on the class of drugs involved.

Common drug charges in Illinois include:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing
  • Trafficking
  • Criminal drug conspiracy

Illinois uses harsh penalties for drug crimes, such as jail time, hefty fines and substance abuse programs to deter these crimes from happening. However, a criminal charge can create lifelong problems.

What Are Common Criminal Defenses For Drug Crimes?

While punishment for drug crimes may seem unavoidable, an experienced criminal defense attorney knows how to leverage defenses to protect your freedom. We can utilize various defenses to defend you against a drug possession charge, illegal searches by police, claiming that the drugs don’t belong to you and entrapment.

Helping You Avoid Harsh Penalties

If you face drug crime charges in Illinois, don’t wait to contact an attorney and get started on your case. Our criminal defense lawyers at Consumer Law Group can help defend your rights and protect you from harsh punishments with lifelong consequences. Contact us to schedule a free virtual consultation by calling 312-766-7777 or completing an online contact form.