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Chicago Violent Crimes Lawyers Defending You Against Life-Changing Criminal Accusations

When you are accused of a violent crime, the attorney you choose to defend you can influence the likelihood that you will lose your freedom and face harsh penalties. Illinois takes violent crimes very seriously, and a conviction often leads to lengthy prison sentences.

At Consumer Law Group, our Chicago-based attorneys fight aggressively to defend the rights and freedoms of our clients. Using results-oriented legal strategies, we utilize our knowledge and experience to develop a highly effective defense on your behalf. With offices in Chicago, Berwyn, Aurora and Wheeling, we defend clients throughout Illinois.

What Is Considered A Violent Crime In Illinois?

In Illinois, violent crimes are offenses that involve the use of force, or the threat of force, against another, including:

Illinois courts take these offenses seriously and punish them harshly. Depending on the severity of the crime, a sentence can range from 30 days in a county jail to a life sentence in prison.

What Is Murder?

Illinois defines murder as first- or second-degree during the commission of a felony. First-degree murder is the unjustified killing of another person where the perpetrator intends to cause death or great bodily harm and knows that the actions will result in injury or death while committing a felony.

Second-degree murder is committing the act of first-degree murder but is mitigated by other factors, making the charge less severe. The factors include acting in a state of sudden passion caused by provocation or when acting in reasonable self-defense. A second-degree murder conviction may carry a penalty of four to 20 years in prison.

What Is Manslaughter?

Manslaughter is another charge that punishes individuals for taking the life of another. However, unlike murder, a manslaughter act does not require intent or premeditation to kill or cause harm. Many manslaughter charges stem from accidental or reckless behavior that caused a death. For example, unintentionally causing the death of another while recklessly driving a vehicle may be a manslaughter charge.

Illinois classifies manslaughter as voluntary and involuntary. However, voluntary manslaughter in Illinois is only recognized in connection to the death of an unborn child. Manslaughter is a Class 3 felony, which includes a prison sentence of two to five years and a large fine.

Let’s Start Building Your Defense With An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

Violent crimes are taken very seriously in Illinois. You need an attorney who will dedicate their time to defending your rights and protecting your future. Contact us today to start building your defense. Call us at 312-766-7777 or complete our online contact form to schedule your free consultation.